ILT Music is a music agency covering the following areas:

-        Management

-        Legal advice

-        Licence trading


Our goal is to develop artists as quickly as possible, without making the mistakes that may impede a positive mid- and long-term development.

Both gold and platinum awards serve as proof of our success, and so does the fact that bands such as CORONER return to ILT Music after a 16-year hiatus.


ILT Music was founded in 1995 by artist manager and solicitor Oliver Macchi. Macchi has worked in the music industry for over 28 years. His team includes Melanie Schiegg (Management assistance, tour management etc.) and Thomas Muster (finances, accounting).


ILT Music currently manages the pop acts 77 Bombay Street (www.77bombaystreet.com) and Nickless (www.nicklessmusic.com), the progressive thrash act Coroner (www.coroner-reunion.com) and the folk metal band Eluveitie (www.eluveitie.ch).

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